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Let us realize that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s impassioned call for continued struggle echoes through the decades, encouraging dedicated people of goodwill to press on, helping bend that arc.

In the spirit of shared labor toward common causes, the Voices for Peace and Justice 2008 event series presents a rich collaboration of organizations in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice. (Download a calendar version of the schedule here.)

Date / Time


October 5

FrancisFest 2008: making peace, mending seams.
The Lexington,Kentucky-based Franciscan Peace Center, in conjunction with Open Ground and other activist groups, hosted its event on Sunday, October 5. FrancisFest 2008 was held in the Performance Hall of ArtsPlace and was free and open to all. FrancisFest, an active, peace education event for all ages, demonstrated that even when things are broken, it is possible to create something new from the broken pieces. Components of the day included:

  • Storytelling: S. Hilary Mullany from Clinton, Iowa, and Don Boklage, of Open Ground, shared stories on being aware of the mending seam between people, communities, towns, and countries.
  • "Making peace thru piece-building art": an exhibition of 51 pieces from K-12 youth made entirely from broken pieces, framed the spacious Performance Hall. See pictures of these pieces on our web page at www.FranciscanVision.org.
  • Cooperative games for all ages: on learning how to have fun working and cooperating with one another in order to succeed was facilitated by Don Boklage of Open Ground.

This day of cooperative games, storytelling and visual arts was borne within a growing network of people consciously working for peace in their own lives, those of their families, and the world as a whole. Its impact planted seeds of meaningful relationships, conflict resolution, peacemaking and the joy of St. Francis! The Franciscan Peace Center is a nonprofit Kentucky corporation established in 2005 by its Keepers of the Flame and members of the Clinton Franciscan Family: Jeanette Watkins, Mary Anne Enoch, Pat Fogle, Eileen Golby, Pat Griffin. Thanks to Pat Griffin, who provided the text from which this report was excerpted.

October 19, 7 p.m.
Lexington Theological Seminary

Join a Multifaith Panel Discussion to Consider: What Does Your Faith Call You to Do for the Environment?.
The panel is co-sponsored by the Kentucky Council of Churches (KCC) and the Central Kentucky Jewish Federation. It will be moderated by Dr. Emily Askew, Professor of Theology at the Lexington Theological School, and will include representatives from four traditions: Catholic: Tim Durst, Director of Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, KCC; Muslim: Dr. Suleiman Darrat, Professor of Islamic Studies at UK; Evangelical: Dr. Nancy Sleeth, Professor of Asbury College; and Jewish: Rabbi Uriel Smith, Emeritus Rabbi of Ohavay Zion Synagogue.

October 23, 7 p.m.
Kentucky Theatre

Peace and Justice Concert
Concert co-ordinated by New Morning Band which performs eclectic music and organizes community drumming sessions. The band's focus is on creating peace through music. Board member Brother Bruce Mundy served as our emcee and did a terrific job. To begin the evening, the audience viewed videographer Dominic Eardleys 16 minute video about CKCPJs origins, interviewing founders Stanley Brun, Jack Morris, Betsy Neale, Donna Renfrow and Ernest Yarnarella (we will post a link to this video on the Councils website in the near future). Board member Rebecca Glasscock reports: During George Ella Lyons performance she said that this was her first time performing these songs of peace; that she had been hesitant to do so in other venues. I look forward to the day when we can sing anywhere and everywhere about our joy of living in peace. The concert organization was shared by board member Rebecca Glasscock and Jerry Moody of New Morning Band. New Morning performs eclectic music and organizes community drumming sessions. The band's focus is on creating peace through music. On the web at http://newmorningworld.com Short 5-7 minute samples from the concert are posted on YouTube:

About the artists:

George Ella and Steve Lyon: Two local much-beloved authors who are faithfully and deeply committed to peace and social justice. George Ella first sang at an anti-war rally in 1967 at Centre College. Her poems on peace enrich the local interfaith peace vigil and have been frequently reproduced in support of the cause. Steve, a versatile and innovative musician, is a composer, songwriter, and performer.

Reel World String Band: Monumentally influenced by traditional and old-time music with a touch of country, swing, blues, and jazz, Reel World's soulful songwriting and instrumental virtuosity make for American roots music with a rare fire and authenticity. With Sue Massek on banjo, Bev Futrell on guitar and harmonica, Karen Jones on fiddle, Elise Melrood on piano, and Sharon Ruble on bass, the band brings together classic fiddling, bluegrass harmonies, and a keen eye for lyrical detail.

Alma Gitana or Gypsy Soul: the brain child of lead singer and percussionist Stuart Waldner. Stuart, along with compadres Bob Elliott and Duane Corn, formed Alma Gitana to share their unique style of flamenco fusion with audiences throughout the region. Alma Gitana's music can best be described as flamenco-Arabic fusion.


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