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Peaceways Newsletter

Ten times a year the Council presents its newsletter, Peaceways, which reaches thousands of local citizens with a calendar of events and articles and views on peace and justice issues that are not commonly found elsewhere.  Peaceways is available to anyone who requests it without a subscription charge, although donations to cover the cost of publication and postage are greatly appreciated.

Individuals and groups are invited to submit articles or upcoming events for possible publication in Peaceways. The deadline for submission is the first Wednesday of the month.  See our Submission Guidelines below.  Please contact Peaceways editor Margaret Gabriel (peacewayseditor[at]gmail.com), if you have questions.

Recent Newsletters

February 2021, No. 340
March 2021, No. 341
April 2021, No. 342
May 2021, No. 343
For past issues, see the Archives.

Submission Guidelines

Articles submitted for publication in Peaceways newsletter should show an awareness of the Council's mission and concerns as well as a sensitivity to them. Articles submitted by non-Council members are welcome.

We prefer articles written in a fresh, nonacademic style, using language that clearly includes both sexes. Articles having a positive approach to problems are more likely to be selected over those with a negative one. Articles written by or speaking to young people are encouraged.

We encourage articles of varying length. News items (50-250 words) are welcome; announcements or reports of Council-sponsored events (or events of Council member groups) are likely to receive priority. Short personal essays reflecting on individual's experience of peace and justice-related events and community action or activism are encouraged, as well.

Feature articles should be no longer than 3-4 double-spaced, typewritten pages (a maximum of 650 words, unless you are willing to have the piece cut to fit one page of Peaceways text). Please include references in the text for all quotations, statistics, and unusual facts. We do not use end- or footnotes. We encourage you to query the editor at peacewayseditor[at]gmail.com before writing a unique feature article intended solely for Peaceways.

For all submissions, the author's name, address, and phone number should appear on the body of the submitted text. If you submit material that has been published or which you are also submitting to other publishers, be sure to indicate this. If you want your paper manuscript returned, please so indicate and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We also encourage electronic submissions attached to email. Submissions are acknowledged within two to three weeks; however, writers of unsolicited manuscripts (which have not been preceded by a query) can expect to wait longer to hear whether their manuscripts have been accepted and in which issue they are likely to run. Book reviews are usually solicited by the editor; we welcome inquiries from potential reviewers.

All articles are subject to editing for space and style.

Submission deadline is the first Wednesday of each month; Peaceways is published 10 times a year.

Updated 5 June 2021

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