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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s impassioned call for continued struggle echoes through the decades, encouraging dedicated people of goodwill to press on, helping bend that arc. In the spirit of shared labor toward common causes, the Voices for Peace and Justice 2012 event series presents a rich collaboration of organizations.
In this year's VOICES event series, CKCPJs 2012 Voices for Peace and Justice acknowledges and celebrates the voices of individuals who have spoken and acted for justice and civil rights for all citizens. We invite you to join us in an examination of what segregation meant yesterday and how we still need to be working out the meaning of full equality for all. A number of our activities focus on Lexington, but lessons from the struggle for integration and full equality apply far beyond any single city. For all the events, see the current CKCPJ Calendar. Some highlights from the planned events are:

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September 8
9 am - 5 pm

An exhibit on Segregated Education in Lexington, during an Open House at the former First African Baptist Church building at Short and Deweese streets. This exhibit coincides with the Roots and Heritage celebration and commemorates heroic efforts from the 19th century and beyond. Exhibit features photos and other memorabilia supplied by former students and teachers of Constitution Elementary School, as well as archival material documenting lack of adequate funding and support for education of African Americans in Lexington and throughout the state.

First African Foundation, Inc. co-chairs: William Thomas and Phaon Patton. 859.317.8683.

September 22
2 - 4 pm

African Cemetery No. 2 Tours, 419 E. Seventh Street. Join us for guided tours by Brother Bruce Mundy, CKCPJ Board Co-Chair, beginning at 2:15. The life stories of those buried on site reveal how they overcame injustice to become active in securing their civil rights and those of future generations. The days activities include service plantings and cemetery restoration work with youth.

Brother Bruce at 859.494.4883 or Howard Myers at 859.312.1932

September 30
4 - 6 pm

A Walking Tour and Open House at the offices of the Lexington-Fayette County Urban League, 148 Deweese Street.You may have seen the Kentucky historical marker outside this distinguished building with the red awning. Once the site of Polks Infirmary, it sat in the center of the Lexington African American cultural and residential community. Dr. John Polk set up his medical practice here from 1914 to 1936. When African Americans could not be treated in other doctors offices in town, Dr. Polk was the first physician to occupy the historic structure. This landmark building has been the headquarters for the Urban League since 1999. Take a short walking tour (weather permitting) to learn of the development of Deweese Street as hub of African American medical and professional services during segregation. Tours are scheduled at 4:15 and 5:15 pm.

Brother Bruce Mundy, CKCPJ Board Co-Chair, peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com, 859.494.4883

October 6
1 - 4 pm

Examining Segregated Library Services. Join us at the Lexington Public Central Library, 140 E. Main St. in Conference Room B on the 4th floor. Because no Kentucky city devised a formula for dividing tax dollars between the separate libraries, services varied from one city to another. Featured speaker Reinette Jones is the University of Kentucky Oral History Librarian and co-creator of the Kentucky Notable African American database (www.uky.edu/Libraries/NKAA). Her 2002 book titled Library Services to African Americans: from the Reconstruction Era to the 1960s documents the history of segregation in public libraries. Time for Q & A will follow the presentation, and a limited number of Ms. Joness books will be available for purchase.

Reinette Jones, librarian, University of Kentucky
for more information, contact CKCPJ staff, peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com

Oct. 10, from 10 am to 1 pm; and
Oct. 13, from 1-4 pm

A View From the Bus Tours of Historic Lexington by Ms. Yvonne Giles, founder and director of the Isaac Scott Hathaway Museum Gallery. Special thanks to LFUCGs Social Service Commission for supporting this activity. Seats are limited and reservations required. Please call Howard Myers at 859.312.1932 or send an email with Bus Tour Reservation in the subject line to peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com. Donations are gratefully accepted based on participants ability to pay, $1-$25.

Yvonne Giles, founder and director of the Isaac Scott Hathaway Museum Gallery; and, Howard Myers, CKCPJ Treasurer, 859.312.1932 or email peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com.

October 17
2 - 4 pm

Civil Rights Hall of Fame induction ceremony,at the Lyric Theater, 300 E. Third Street. Since 2000, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Rights has held this state-wide ceremony; but, this is the first time the ceremony has been held in Lexington. Civil Rights Inductees from across the commonwealth will be on hand to accept honors. Invited speakers include Mayor Jim Gray, David A. Brennen, Dean of the University of Kentucky Law School, and Lexington Human Rights Commission Director Ray Sexton. Celebration includes musical performances by area students and more! Free and open to the public.

Co-hosted by CKCPJ and Ms. Yvonne Giles of the Isaac M. Hathaway Museum Gallery. Questions, contact CKCPJ staff via peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com or 859.488.1448.

October 20
3 - 4:30 pm

Lexington Public Central Library, Rm A, lower level: A Family Project: Heroes and Heroines of Civil Rights. Sonja Brooks, Education Program Director of Sisohpormatem Art Foundation, Inc., encourages the artist in everyone who attends her hands-on workshops. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, brothers and sisters are invited to create their mixed-media stamp collage honoring the Civil Rights Hall of Fame inductees. She says the activity you do will be your own work of art and a lesson in history!" Free and open to the public.

Sonja Brooks, Education Program Director of Sisohpormatem Art Foundation, Inc.
Questions? contact CKCPJ staff, peaceandjusticeky@gmail.com, 859.488.1448

CKCPJ could not bring these quality activities to Central Kentucky without significant financial support. We are very grateful to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (especially the Mayors Office and the Social Services Commission); and the University of Kentucky Community Engagement office for generous grants supporting this event series. And we extend a special thank you to our donors who made substantial contributions in support of these events anonymously, including those who authorized grants to us through their personal Blue Grass Community Foundation funds.

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