Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice

  . . .  thinking globally, working locally in central Kentucky, for a different world

Some Historical Highlights of CKCPJ

- See also Founding History of CKCPJ, 1983 - 1991

1983CKCPJ founded; Betsy Neale hired as first part-time paid staff, Executive Director; Council begins work on the nuclear freeze movement.
1984Council expands mission to raise awareness and organize opposition to U.S. interventions in Central America.
1987First edition of Peaceways newsletter published - produced manually via mimeograph machine.
1988First Annual Peace Fair and Dinner.
1990Council organizes a Lexington-based protest of the 1st Gulf War - 900 people gathered in Phoenix Park, at Main and Limestone Streets; Michael Fogler named Director; Peaceways produced digitally and copies via printing press.
1991Council begins campaigns to protest Iraq sanctions and bombing
1996Michael Fogler steps down as Director, remains newsletter editor.
1997Lexington Living Wage Campaign begins under CKCPJ auspices; Candice Watson hired as part-time administrative assistant.
1999CKCPJ website (peaceandjusticeky.org) launched.
2001Peace Action Task Group forms under CKCPJ auspices.
2003Council organizes a Peace Rally in Phoenix Park at the start of the Iraq War; Council mission expands to begin work on restoring voting rights for convicted felons, and increased activity around environmental justice and sustainable economic development.
2004CKCPJ JusticeList (justicelist.typepad.com) announcement list begins - supported by a Yahoogroups email listserv
2006The 200th issue of Peaceways published; Council expands mission to address Fair Trade initiatives.
2007Council Board reorganizes with a change to allow for nominations, leading to a younger, more diverse Board; office space rented at 112 N. Upper Street and Board meetings begin regularly meeting there; Jill Hanna hired as onsite, administrative coordinator; Michael Fogler retires after 18 years service and Gail Koehler hired as the new Peaceways editor.
2008The Council celebrates its 25th anniversary by creating VOICES Events series.
2009CKCPJ raises issue of coal-burning power plant at UK as major concern for environmental and economic justice in central Kentucky; hosts mayoral debate to address the issue directly; the Council is approved for the Bluegrass Foundation's GoodGiving.net database for secure online fundraising; CKCPJ Facebook community page created, and at events the Board begins using #peace hashtag.
2010The Council's proposal for a Youth Initiative, youth polling central Kentucky youth about their after-school activities, is funded by LFUCG Partners in Youth; UK Peace House workgroup established with CKCPJ co-chairs as facilitators; CKCPJ Peace Education expands to include CKCPJ PEACE Leaders and new social media environment created, peaceandjusticeky.typepad.com, to archive resources and events.
2011Jessica Anderson, a UK Gaines Fellow, builds the Perennial Peace Garden in Second Life, a free and open virtual world, for CKCPJ events.
2012To reduce the burden of administrative tasks on the Peaceways Editor, CKCPJ hired a part-time assistant (Gayle Bourne) and paid for bookkeeping services as well as financial consultations from Juan Castro of The JCC Group. Candlelight vigil held downtown in support of Sandy Hook families.
2013CKCPJ moved its offices from 110 North Upper Street to The Plantory on 3rd Street; Dr. Kerby Neill offered the University of Kentucky's first pilot of "Introduction to Peace Studies," a required course for UK's undergraduate certificate in Peace Studies (pending approval by the Faculty Senate). Brandy Davis hired as the new administrative assistant. Organized with Lexington NAACP the observance of the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for Freedom & Jobs
2014CKCPJ moved with The Plantory to West Sixth Street; creates three new committees: Working Families Campaign, Action for Social Justice Committee, Stand Up For Racial Justice Committee.
2015The Lexington Working Families Campaign, played a significant role in building support that ended in Lexington's Urban-County Council enacting a minimum wage ordinance. Moving out of The Plantory, CKCPJ office went to 1588 Leestown Road, Ste 130-138.
2016CKCPJ participated in the Safe Sunday Coalition working to increase number of summer jobs for at-risk youth.
2017Organized the Rally in Solidarity with Charlottesville - over 500 persons attended.
2019Collaborated with Safe Sunday Coalition to bring in trainers from Rhode Island to present 3-day workshop on nonviolence for police officers, incarcerated youth, street workers, et al.

1983-2008 entries originally published in Peaceways, May 2008.