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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s impassioned call for continued struggle echoes through the decades, encouraging dedicated people of goodwill to press on, helping bend that arc. In the spirit of shared labor toward common causes, the Voices for Peace and Justice 2014 event series presents a rich collaboration of organizations.
In this year's VOICES event series, CKCPJ's 2014 Voices for Peace and Justice focus on raising awareness for a living wage - and passing legislation to raise minimum wage at the local or regional level.

Alliance For a Just Society

Voices 2014: Let's Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage

Did you know about the successful grass roots campaign to raise the minimum wage in Seattle to $15/hour? The City Council of Seattle made history by unanimously passing a path to a $15 minimum wage - the highest in the nation. Click on the image to the right to read more.

Have you seen the Living Wage Calculator for Kentucky's counties? Explore the website here: http://livingwage.mit.edu/states/21/locations.

Series Events:

For more information, contact Janet Tucker (jlynjenks@gmail.com) or Randolph Hollingsworth (dolph@uky.edu) to learn more.

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